What to Buy with Bitcoins ?

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What to Buy with Bitcoins?

Anybody can utilize Bitcoin as a finance and exploitation, in a try to win an earning on its inconstancy. From the other side, many other people assume that buying with bitcoins is a modern method to outlay money. The places where one may spend Bitcoins is getting more and bigger and multiple. These following section of the article deals with what to buy with bitcoins.




a-List of major online merchants

What to buy with bitcoin is connected to what online merchants do exist.

  • Microsoft — As being one of the most popular and largest companies in the whole world, it permits its users to add money to their own accounts by using Bitcoin.
  • Etsy — Today, approximately 100 sellers accept Bitcoin payments.
  • Shopify — a program of commercial transactions conducted electronically on the Internet. It suggests for its customers the ability to create their own online shops.
  • Newegg — for 90% of Newegg’s stock, Newegg accepts the payments of Bitcoin regarding it is an extremely huge retail of electronics.
  • Overstock — it is the number one largest online retailer that accepts along with supporting Bitcoin payments. A customer is able to buy whatever he/she wants such as tv sets, laptops, and furniture.


b-List of aggregators

What to buy with bitcoins depends on where to spend it. The aggregators are numerous:

  • Coinmap — which is a bitcoin map that does the business acceptance around the world.
  • UK — a directory of pubs, shops, websites, shop, and multiple other places in the UK which accept Bitcoins.
  • Spendabit — a program that searches for and identifies items in a database that correspond to keywords or characters specified by the user, used especially for finding particular sites on the World Wide Web. It is able to find certain good available in order to buy for Bitcoins.
  • useBitcoins — a platform that holds probably 5,000 businesses lists that accept BTC.




Each company has its own decision about the acceptance of the bitcoin as a method of buying goods. There are numerous societies in distinguished services sections that look forward to sustaining their customer’s standards by showing numerical currencies as an advanced payment choice. Some of these companies provide numerous choices of what to buy with bitcoin, are next:

  • Treehouse — an online interacting pedagogue and instructor, applies the acceptance of Bitcoin for different courses.
  • Bloomberg, Chicago Sun-Times, etc — a newspaper participation that is online for Bitcoins.
  • ExpressVPN — elevated rapidity and safe VPN web.
  • SuicideGirls — a well known adult-themed society today accepts for the subscription the bitcoin.
  • Dish Network — a direct American transmission satellite favors supplier.
  • WordPress — an online society which lets users found websites and blogs.
  • OKCupid — a great dating website.
  • PureVPN — secured and elevated speed VPN web.
  • Reddit — visitors can buy excellent offers with Bitcoins.
  • Namecheap — field name register.


d-Video Games

Currently, most video game players shop online as more and more game-selling platforms leaders accept Bitcoins for video games. So, the answer to what to buy with bitcoin can be video games.

  • Zynga — games on the net and on mobiles
  • Steam —is the biggest desktop gaming platform in the world.
  • PlayStation Network — participates in paying for games, adding-on and PS Network.
  • Green Man Gaming — contains games, game keys, and digital games.
  • Xbox — pay for games, add-ons and Xbox Live participation.
  • Big Fish Games — is a society of casual gaming that is founded in Washington.
  • Humble Bundle — the network of indie games.



What to buy with bitcoin? all the things that are related to traveling can be sold for bitcoin.

There are a big number of contesting travel-related services which suggest a very comparable set of tools. Giving alternate methods of payment is an excellent manner to pull new users. Below are multiple favors where one may book a holiday of dreams that will be paid for with Bitcoins:


  • Virgin Galactic — Richard Branson’s company, the biggest trading site line in the world, it accepts Bitcoins.
  • Webjet — a network of travel booking that suggests hotels, car hire, flights .., etc.
  • Expedia — one of the hugest online agencies if booking for travels which are currently accepting BTC payments for the bookings of the hotels. However, it is programming to show Bitcoin payment choices for activities and flights.., etc.
  • Travel For Coins — a network of travel booking which permits customers to make their travel organizations and payments are with Bitcoins.
  • AirBaltic — it was the very first airline that accepted to get paid with Bitcoin for multiple different flights.
  • Bitcoin Travel — a network of travel booking, having an extreme comprehensive businesses lists that utilize Bitcoin.
  • CheapAir — a travel booking website that is online where visitors can pay with bitcoin for flights, tickets and etc.


f-Tipping & Charity

Many people choose to keep their charity giving and donations hidden and not identified. Those donations have actually bear high fees if not being anonymous. Giving money in Bitcoins is an ideal manner to avoid fees and make the donation anonymous. The followings are charity sites that accept donating bitcoins:


  • Bitcoin for Charity List — A progressively growing list of confirmed charities which take Bitcoins.
  • Wikimedia Foundation — a nongain cell devoted to supporting the development and allocation of educational content.
  • Wikileaks — an international non-profit organization which releases secret information, news leaks and classified media given by anonymous sources.



What to buy with bitcoin is also related to offline sites. Unluckily, there is a very little number of main offline retailers which take Bitcoin payments:


a-Food, Bitcoin-friendly bars

  • Burger Bear — a stall of food in London, UK.
  • Subway — visitors are able to buy sandwiches with Bitcoins in multiple places around the world.
  • PizzaForCoins — a service that lets one order pizza with Bitcoins.
  • The Pink Cow — a dinner in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Old Fitzroy — a pub in Sydney, Australia.
  • Pembury Tavern — a tavern in London, UK.



Transportations, is an answer too, of the question: what to buy with bitcoin?

There are many taxi dispatch favors, same as airport transportation favors, in different sections of the world which take Bitcoin payment.


c-Gift Cards

What to buy with bitcoin includes Gift cards too.

Gift cards purchase a very big section of Bitcoin-related transactions. Gift cards are a very easy manner to buy goods from both massive worldwide societies and cryptocurrency small local businesses, both offline and online.

Several networks permit visitors to buy gift cards of so much any value with Bitcoins, some of them are:eGifter, Crafter, Yes to Bitcoins! and Fold App.



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